Our Philosophy & Promise

Mariner Consulting's promise & philosophy

Our philosophy.

You face unique challenges and we can help you develop efficient tax planning strategies to work with your challenges as part of your holistic wealth plan.

Our team's experienced tax professionals are well versed in the complexities surrounding tax planning and preparation for a wide range of clients, including high-next-worth individuals, families, entrepreneurs and privately held companies. We provide proactive, creative tax analysis and year-round planning as part of our overall wealth plan, ensuring you are on the right path toward your financial goals.

We are unique because we offer a range of accounting services to our clients, including back office support and bookkeeping resources. In addition, we work with other professionals such as attorneys and investment advisors in assisting in wealth preservation through planned gifting, trust creation, private foundation creation and other unique vehicles tailored to meet the needs of the individual and family. 

Our promise.

SOLUTIONS:Your personal tax saving strategy and wealth preservation through comprehensive planning is at the heart of all that we do.

TRUST: Trust is at the center of our client relationships.

SERVICE: Setting the standard of excellence in tax planning and tax analysis.

Our Tax Professionals Have Decades Of Experience

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